Please contact Stephanie Broughton in our office concerning current badging requirements. Please note, these requirement standards are set by each base, and are subject to change.

MCAS Cherry Point:


FRC-Eaccess to MCAS Cherry Point is required


MCB Camp Lejeune: contact our office for more information



FRC East Information Brochure dated 27 JUN 2017

FRC East Notice 5100 (COVID Policy) dated 9 JUN 2022

MCAS Air Station Orders includes the following:

  • ASO 5370.2H Civilian/Military Family Member/Juvenile Misconduct dated 3 OCT 2022
  • ASO 5510.15 Possession, Registration, Use, Sale, and Storage of Privately Owned Firearms, Weapons, Ammunition, and Fireworks dated 22 MAR 2023
  • ASO 5512.9E Identification Cards dated 28 APR 2017
  • ASO 5530.1B Debarment Procedures dated 7 OCT 2022
  • ASO 5560.6B Installation Access dated 7 FEB 2022
  • ASO 5560.7A Motor Vehicle Traffic Regulations dated 7 MAR 2022
  • Commanding Officer's Statement on Substance Abuse