Please contact Stephanie Broughton in our office concerning current badging requirements. Please note, these requirement standards are set by each base, and are subject to change.

For MCAS Cherry Point:

  • All individuals requiring access must complete and sign the SECNAV 5512/1
    • All highlighted blocks are required.
    • Block 13 must include Social Security Number and Drivers License.
    • Digital signatures are not accepted. Please ensure blocks 28 & 29 are initialed, and block 30 contains a signature.
  • Email Stephanie Broughton a list of names (as they appear on their ID), along with the name of the project, if they have current DBIDS, and the signed SECNAV 5512/1.
    • Please note: access requested for over 30 days requires a background check. The process can take 5-7 business days. Please give our office adequate notice to ensure there is no delay in getting access to the base.
  • EFFECTIVE 7 FEBRUARY 2022, per Air Station order 5560.6BAll individuals requesting DBIDS must provide the following to Pass & ID:
    • Proof of employment by the company or business authorized to conduct the contracted work or commercial services aboard the installation.
    • Provide proof of U.S. citizenship or immigration status (i.e. Birth Certificate, Passport, DD-214, or INS Card)
    • Provide a Social Security Card or Verification Letter from the Social Security Administration.
  • Temporary Pass Request: Cherry Point will only issue one per person. If access is needed after the temporary pass has expired a request will need to be made for DBIDS credentials and submitted with the SECNAV 5512/1 above.
    • Email Stephanie Broughton with the following information:
      • Name(s) as it appears on ID
      • Company they work for
      • Date(s) access is required
      • Project access is required for
      • Why access is needed 


For Fleet Readiness Center - East (FRC-E)

    • Complete all required documents listed above.
    • Covid-19 testing required. Those requesting access must show an electronic or paper copy of a negative test results from a FDA-authorized or approved COVID-19 test administered no earlier than 72-hours prior to the visit. If a negative test cannot be confirmed, the visitor will be denied access to FRC-E.


For MCB Camp Lejeune:

  • Email Stephanie Broughton requesting instructions for Camp Lejeune badging.
    • Please note: all access requests require a background check. The process can take 7-9 business days. Please give our office adequate notice to ensure there is no delay in getting access to the base.