Joyce & Associates COVID-19 Response Plan

Executive Order on Ensuring Adequate COVID Safety Protocols for Federal Contractors - dated September 9, 2021

Update Regarding Executive Order 14042

"OMB has issued guidance to agencies concerning the implementation of Executive Order 1404, Ensuring Adquate COVID Safety Protocols for Federal Contractors. Despite the lifting of the nationwide bar to enforcement on October 18, 2022, at this time agencies should not: (1) take any steps to require covered contractors and subcontractors to come into compliance with previously issued Task Force guidance; or (2) enforce any contract clauses implementing Executive Order 14042. To allow time to develop advice and processes for meeting agencies' obligations under Executive Order 14042 and applicable court orders, agencies should follow the instructions provided in the OMB guidance here."

FAR Clause 252.223-7999 - Ensuring Adequate COVID-19 Safety Protocols for Federal Contractors (Deviation 2021-O0009)

The following FAW's were released by the Safer Federal Workforce on 11/1/2021, and will apply to Contract Task Orders awarded after 10/14/2021 that are over $250,000 in size:

Q: What steps should a covered contractor take if a covered contractor employee refuses to be vaccinated?

An agency may determine that a covered contractor employee who refuses to be vaccinated in accordance with a contractual requirement pursuant to EO 14042 will be denied entry to a Federal workplace, consistent with the agency's workplace safety protocols.

Q: What steps should an agency take if a covered contractor does not comply with the requirements in the Task Force's Guidance for Federal Contractors and Subcontractors?

Covered contractors are expected to comply with all requirements set forth in their contract. Where covered contractors are working in good faith and encounter challenges with compliance with COVID-19 workplace safety protocols, the agency contracting officer should work with them to address these challenges. If a covered contractor is not taking steps to comply, significant actions, such as termination of the contract, should be taken.

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